Controllers For All Without Jailbreak iOS (8/9/10) Free Download

Controllers For All  :- You must be playing few games on your device ( mainly iOS ). And you must like to play many games too, but have you ever realized that few of the games do require Controller ( physical one ) to play easily. Because it might be difficult for the user to play some shooters games or fighting game without a Controller, as the phone’s screen is not too big. But can we really connect a physical Controller with iPhone or iPad? Yes, we can. Today we will talk about, how to connect any Controller with your iOS device without Jailbreak. So, today we have a tweak that allows the user to use third party Controller with your iOS device.

This was the moment for every single jailbroken ios user was waiting for that is to play a game with the Sony PS3 dual shock Controller on your iOS devices. This Controller will work with all the games that have have been enabled for Controller support by the developers of the tweak, that we will be discussing soon. This means that users can play any games that are an MRI or we can say made for iPhone. This tweak will allow you to use apps or games with a Controller on your iOS device. This tweaks all fully functional with most of the latest games or apps and yes you can play games with your song PlayStation 3 controller on your device.

There are no special requirements for this tweak, only the thing you need is a Controller. The name of the tweak is ‘ Controllers for all” and this tweak is since ios 7 and is really a game changing tweak for all the gamers who were waiting for this thing to come, that is gaming with a Controller on their iOS device. With the advancement now this is not necessary to waste your hard earned money on costly hardware that is officially for the games, now with this tweak, you can easily use any or most of all the Controllers with your iOS device.

Controllers For All

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So what basically this tweak does is that it fools your Controller by believing that your device is a console. This tweak will make you iPhone or iPad a console and then it will be easy to connect your Controller with your devices.

The developer of this app is original Kadosh, and also he promised that this app will support more and more Controllers and this app will be spread in globe too.

How To Download Controllers For All

  • Open the Cydia application and then go to source option.
  • Now enter the following link,
  • Now you can search for the Controller in the newly added repo.
  • Click on the first option and do install by click on install button that is on your right-hand side of the screen.
  • Now the tweak is successfully installed and you can enjoy almost every Controller with your games.

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Download Bydia For iOS 8/9/10 Without Jailbreak (iPhone/iPad)

Bydia Download  :- Have you ever thought to install any external application on your iOS device that means the one which is not a part of iTunes. And do you want to customize your iPhone with some latest tweaks, some themes or with entertainment apps? If you thinking this only then you can do all those with the help of an application that is Bydia, Bydia will be the best application store that will serve your purpose. Yes, that’s true Bydia is an application store for all iOS devices which helps you to download millions of application and tweaks on your device. But this can happen that these applications might not be on iTunes.

Most of the time apple or iOS devices won’t allow you to download any application from third party apps. This third party system was very difficult but was only until the invention of Cydia. But the main problem with Cydia is that it won’t allow you to download any third party application until you Jailbreak your iOS device. Any apple has officially announced that they won’t be liable for any kind of software or physical damage caused due to jailbreak on your device. This means that you will loose the warranty or the guarantee of your iOS device.

After reading all the disadvantages of Cydia, most of the people won’t install Cydia because they don’t wanna loose the warranty or guarantee of their ios device. But there is a good news, the news is that you don’t want Jailbreak if you want to use Bydia. Also, you can download zydia, it’s the best alternative for both Cydia and Bydia. You can get every possible application on Cydia. So without wasting time let’s start. We will be discussing step by step guide to install Bydia on your iOS devices without jailbreak.


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How To Download And Install Bydia On iOS Devices

  • Though this application is not available on any app store. So, obviously, you have to fetch the link from any external source. You must follow the following steps carefully in order to install bydia on your iOS device without a jailbreak.
  • First of all open any browser mainly safari browser. And click on the link,
  • Now after you are redirected to the website, you can surely find several options, you will find download button, click on it.
  • Wait for few seconds, so that it can be load and then after scrolling down you can find an install button.
  • Click on the install button and then wait for few seconds.
  • A small popup will appear, click on add to the home.
  • After this, your iOS device will ask you to confirm whether you want to add it to the home screen or not, click confirm.
  • That’s it, you successfully installed Bydia on your iOS device without the jailbreak.
  • Now you can come back to the ios menu and you can find the application in your device menu.

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Tubemate For iOS 8/9/10 (iPhone 7,6,6s,iPad) Download 2017

Tubemate For iOS :- Most of the video buffs love spending most of their time on YouTube to watch amazing videos. From your favorite video to a tutorial video, YouTube has it all. YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet.

YouTube streaming is superb with the help of Tubemate app, maybe fast enough for your connection. We don’t always have a good internet connection to stream video. So today, we will discuss an app which will help you overcome this buffering problem.

Tubemate is an application that lets you download YouTube videos in your desired quality for any device in free of cost. With Tubemate you can watch your saved videos offline, even when you don’t have the internet connection.Tubemate is the most popular and Amazing YouTube video downloader of 2017 with many amusing features.

Tubemate For iOS

Features of Tubemate For iOS 10 (iPhone 6,6s,7)

Here are some of the fantastic features of the tubemate app:

  • The downloading speed of the app is very fast even if you have a moderate internet connection.
  • You can search, download and play all the YouTube videos.
  • You can share videos to social media sites like Facebook, twitter and google plus.
  • The app supports downloading of 10 videos simultaneously so you don’t have to download all the videos separately.
  • Videos can be downloaded in the background which allows you to do other tasks while your video gets saved in your Smartphones memory.
  • It also supports pausing and resuming downloads, a very good feature for those who need internet speed to use other apps at the faster speed.
  • You can use the app as an alternative for YouTube to watch videos.
  • Tubemate apps show download progress in the notification bar, you can pause and resume the video from notification bar itself.
  • The GUI of the app is very easy.
  • You can download a video in HD as well as in low quality.
  • You can also convert a video to mp3 and then download it through the app.

Tubemate app has many amazing features. You will find out more awesome features while using the app. Tubemate is a time saver app for all the video buff.

How to Download Tubemate For iOS.

Tubemate app is only available for android smartphones and it is not released for iOS yet. We will let you know about the app as soon as it gets released for iOS. There are many alternative available to Tubemate in the market which has same features as Tubemate.
Tubefree is one of an alternative app which lets you download YouTube videos for free. The app has an almost same feature as the Tubemate. So let’s check out how to download a Tubefree app for iOS.

  • Open iTunes store from your iOS device
  • Search for ‘Tube Free’ in the search box.
  • Click on the first app and click install, enter your iCloud password and wait for it to download.
  • After the installation, open the app and you’re done!

TubeMate is a great app for saving YouTube videos offline. Enjoy watching offline videos on the app now.

Flekstore Download for iOS 10.2 iPhone/iPad (Without Jailbreak)

Flekstore Download :- Are you a iOS user? But you are not satisfied with the device or need some features then you are at the right place. Starting off with what is ios? iOS is a platform for mobile devices ( main apple ). iOS is one of the most powerful OS among windows and Android. If you want to use some more features of the ios devices then you must hear of the thing jailbreak.

What is JAILBREAK? Jailbreak means you are letting your phone doing some features beyond its limit, but jailbreak sometimes is dangerous, so do at your own risk. Coming on the main topic that is Flekstore, so what basically Flekstore is, it is an application on iOS, that allows you to use all the features same as a Jailbreaked device. This is only due to the advancements in technologies, that’s why we got a replacement for each and everything. As we all might know about Cydia, that is a very powerful application.

Cydia helps you to gain magical experience and features as a third party application and behaves like an app market but only for jailbreak users. Due to the necessary jailbreak, people are now finding some alternatives to Cydia. And they find one too, that is Flekstore, in Flekstore you can access same features or some better features than Cydia. Most importantly Flekstore does not require Jailbreak.

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flekstore ios 10

Features of Flekstore-

  • Flekstore will allow the user to download multiple tweaks on his/her device without a jailbreak.
  • This third party application allows you to find a wide range of applications and enrich your experience too.
  • Flekstore works without lags and is smooth also.
  • This application is quite fast, means it loads quietly faster even if your internet speed is slow or weak.
  • This third party app is easy to use and is very easy to understand also.
  • The user interface is quite interactive for the user and they can spend a good time on this.

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How to Download & Install Flekstore on iPhone

The following steps will be the easiest steps that you will be required to follow in order to install the application on your device.

  • First of all, open your browser that is Safari or any other on your device to begin the procedure.
  •  Go the link mention below – in the search bar and then simply click on go.
  •  Now you have to find Flekstore there
  • Click on the Flekstore and you will be redirected to the website. Click on download.
  • Then after downloading the Flekstore will be installed. And you are good to go.

So now you can use all the features that a Jailbreak iOS device users use. Jailbreak can be dangerous and you must do at your own risk. Because if it fails, your device can be permanently damaged. Hope you like our article and please do follow the exact same rules in order to get perfect installation.

iFile Download No Jailbreak iOS 10.2 (Pokemon Go)

iFile Download :- iFile is a powerful platform for mobile device e one of the most popular also. The company does not show the system files to its users. But there is a way to see the system files of a iOS device. Because by default, the apple doesn’t allow the users to access the system files. But we got a tool that is iFile, this tool will help you to check and let customize the files on iOS 9-10 devices without jailbreak.

Most importantly, iFile can be installed on iOS version like 9-10 on devices like iPhone 6s,5 and 4s without jailbreaking. The users who already got jailbreak phones that are with the ios version 9.0.2 can easily download iFile from Cydia.

But now iFile requires no jailbreak.As iFile is not Available in apple app store, so there are some different steps to download iFile. But don’t worry at all, because we will tell you some easy steps.Do note, iFile stores all your important info at one location as it will be easier to reach and it will also help in saving time.

ifile downlaod ios 10

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Features of iFile

Some interesting features of iFile are as follows-

  • You don’t need to jailbreak your device in order to use iFile. We think each and every iOS user must know before installing any third party application.
  • You will be able to control and management your iPhone or iPad on your own.
  • Most importantly, all your data will be stored in one place, it will be easier to find, and also a lot of time
    iFile is compatible with ios version such as 8-8.4.1 to 10 without jailbreak. And the devices that are compatible are iPhone 6-6s, iPhone 5-5s and also iPhone 4s and few pads too.

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How to Download iFile on iOS 10.2

Now the steps to install iFile on your non-jailbreak iPhone.

  • First of all open any browser ( safari preferred) on your device and open the link –
  • Now you will be redirected to the Website and now just click on the link to download.
  • Now tap on install and iFile installation process will start.
  • Now you have to apply one major trick that is you have to do some changes in your device settings.
  • Go to settings and change’the door of-of your device to a month before. This changing of date must be done beforehand installation and after installation, you can change back to the current time.
  • This procedure will take few minutes to download and install iFile.
  • This is the last step but not the least, now go to home screen there you will find the icon of iFile, simply open it start customizing or control your device.

Now after installation, you can browse, move deleted or modify any file on your device. Also, you can download any file without the use of iTunes on your device.