Controllers For All Without Jailbreak iOS (8/9/10) Free Download

Controllers For All  :- You must be playing few games on your device ( mainly iOS ). And you must like to play many games too, but have you ever realized that few of the games do require Controller ( physical one ) to play easily. Because it might be difficult for the user to play some shooters games or fighting game without a Controller, as the phone’s screen is not too big. But can we really connect a physical Controller with iPhone or iPad? Yes, we can. Today we will talk about, how to connect any Controller with your iOS device without Jailbreak. So, today we have a tweak that allows the user to use third party Controller with your iOS device.

This was the moment for every single jailbroken ios user was waiting for that is to play a game with the Sony PS3 dual shock Controller on your iOS devices. This Controller will work with all the games that have have been enabled for Controller support by the developers of the tweak, that we will be discussing soon. This means that users can play any games that are an MRI or we can say made for iPhone. This tweak will allow you to use apps or games with a Controller on your iOS device. This tweaks all fully functional with most of the latest games or apps and yes you can play games with your song PlayStation 3 controller on your device.

There are no special requirements for this tweak, only the thing you need is a Controller. The name of the tweak is ‘ Controllers for all” and this tweak is since ios 7 and is really a game changing tweak for all the gamers who were waiting for this thing to come, that is gaming with a Controller on their iOS device. With the advancement now this is not necessary to waste your hard earned money on costly hardware that is officially for the games, now with this tweak, you can easily use any or most of all the Controllers with your iOS device.

Controllers For All

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So what basically this tweak does is that it fools your Controller by believing that your device is a console. This tweak will make you iPhone or iPad a console and then it will be easy to connect your Controller with your devices.

The developer of this app is original Kadosh, and also he promised that this app will support more and more Controllers and this app will be spread in globe too.

How To Download Controllers For All

  • Open the Cydia application and then go to source option.
  • Now enter the following link,
  • Now you can search for the Controller in the newly added repo.
  • Click on the first option and do install by click on install button that is on your right-hand side of the screen.
  • Now the tweak is successfully installed and you can enjoy almost every Controller with your games.

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Controllers For All Without Jailbreak iOS (8/9/10) Free Download
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