Tubemate For iOS 8/9/10 (iPhone 7,6,6s,iPad) Download 2017

Tubemate For iOS :- Most of the video buffs love spending most of their time on YouTube to watch amazing videos. From your favorite video to a tutorial video, YouTube has it all. YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet.

YouTube streaming is superb with the help of Tubemate app, maybe fast enough for your connection. We don’t always have a good internet connection to stream video. So today, we will discuss an app which will help you overcome this buffering problem.

Tubemate is an application that lets you download YouTube videos in your desired quality for any device in free of cost. With Tubemate you can watch your saved videos offline, even when you don’t have the internet connection.Tubemate is the most popular and Amazing YouTube video downloader of 2017 with many amusing features.

Tubemate For iOS

Features of Tubemate For iOS 10 (iPhone 6,6s,7)

Here are some of the fantastic features of the tubemate app:

  • The downloading speed of the app is very fast even if you have a moderate internet connection.
  • You can search, download and play all the YouTube videos.
  • You can share videos to social media sites like Facebook, twitter and google plus.
  • The app supports downloading of 10 videos simultaneously so you don’t have to download all the videos separately.
  • Videos can be downloaded in the background which allows you to do other tasks while your video gets saved in your Smartphones memory.
  • It also supports pausing and resuming downloads, a very good feature for those who need internet speed to use other apps at the faster speed.
  • You can use the app as an alternative for YouTube to watch videos.
  • Tubemate apps show download progress in the notification bar, you can pause and resume the video from notification bar itself.
  • The GUI of the app is very easy.
  • You can download a video in HD as well as in low quality.
  • You can also convert a video to mp3 and then download it through the app.

Tubemate app has many amazing features. You will find out more awesome features while using the app. Tubemate is a time saver app for all the video buff.

How to Download Tubemate For iOS.

Tubemate app is only available for android smartphones and it is not released for iOS yet. We will let you know about the app as soon as it gets released for iOS. There are many alternative available to Tubemate in the market which has same features as Tubemate.
Tubefree is one of an alternative app which lets you download YouTube videos for free. The app has an almost same feature as the Tubemate. So let’s check out how to download a Tubefree app for iOS.

  • Open iTunes store from your iOS device
  • Search for ‘Tube Free’ in the search box.
  • Click on the first app and click install, enter your iCloud password and wait for it to download.
  • After the installation, open the app and you’re done!

TubeMate is a great app for saving YouTube videos offline. Enjoy watching offline videos on the app now.

Tubemate For iOS 8/9/10 (iPhone 7,6,6s,iPad) Download 2017
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