iFile Download No Jailbreak iOS 10.2 (Pokemon Go)

iFile Download :- iFile is a powerful platform for mobile device e one of the most popular also. The company does not show the system files to its users. But there is a way to see the system files of a iOS device. Because by default, the apple doesn’t allow the users to access the system files. But we got a tool that is iFile, this tool will help you to check and let customize the files on iOS 9-10 devices without jailbreak.

Most importantly, iFile can be installed on iOS version like 9-10 on devices like iPhone 6s,5 and 4s without jailbreaking. The users who already got jailbreak phones that are with the ios version 9.0.2 can easily download iFile from Cydia.

But now iFile requires no jailbreak.As iFile is not Available in apple app store, so there are some different steps to download iFile. But don’t worry at all, because we will tell you some easy steps.Do note, iFile stores all your important info at one location as it will be easier to reach and it will also help in saving time.

ifile downlaod ios 10

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Features of iFile

Some interesting features of iFile are as follows-

  • You don’t need to jailbreak your device in order to use iFile. We think each and every iOS user must know before installing any third party application.
  • You will be able to control and management your iPhone or iPad on your own.
  • Most importantly, all your data will be stored in one place, it will be easier to find, and also a lot of time
    iFile is compatible with ios version such as 8-8.4.1 to 10 without jailbreak. And the devices that are compatible are iPhone 6-6s, iPhone 5-5s and also iPhone 4s and few pads too.

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How to Download iFile on iOS 10.2

Now the steps to install iFile on your non-jailbreak iPhone.

  • First of all open any browser ( safari preferred) on your device and open the link – www.pgyer.com/ATAy.
  • Now you will be redirected to the Website and now just click on the link to download.
  • Now tap on install and iFile installation process will start.
  • Now you have to apply one major trick that is you have to do some changes in your device settings.
  • Go to settings and change’the door of-of your device to a month before. This changing of date must be done beforehand installation and after installation, you can change back to the current time.
  • This procedure will take few minutes to download and install iFile.
  • This is the last step but not the least, now go to home screen there you will find the icon of iFile, simply open it start customizing or control your device.

Now after installation, you can browse, move deleted or modify any file on your device. Also, you can download any file without the use of iTunes on your device.

iFile Download No Jailbreak iOS 10.2 (Pokemon Go)
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